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Rebecca Warden, director of ICE since January 2007, has more then ten years’ experience of writing for international organisations and education media under her belt. In her time, she has produced a wide variety of articles, features, newsletters, press releases and reports and currently manages ICE’s team of writers. Rebecca speaks six languages and is a specialist in the education systems of Spain, North Africa and the Middle East.

tel: +34 93 412 65 58  email: rwarden@ice-online.net


lucy ratcliffe

Lucy Ratcliffe has over twelve years’ experience of editing and translating in a variety of fields and currently manages these assignments for ICE. As a commissioning editor at Penguin books, she was involved in everything from strategic planning and commissioning writers and photographers down to layout and hands-on editing and proofing of texts. Lucy has worked as a translator both in-house and freelance and is the author of a best-selling guide to Italy. 

tel: +34 93 301 08 44  email: lratcliffe@ice-online.net


ard jongsma

Ard Jongsma is a Dutch freelance writer based in Denmark. He has written about international affairs in human resources development since 1989 for a variety of magazines and newspapers as well as for international organisations such as the European Commission’s Tempus programme and the European Training Foundation. He founded ICE in 1997 and is now chairman of University World News, the global window on higher education.

email: aj@ice-online.net




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email: ice@ice-online.net
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