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ICE are specialists in translating, editing and writing for international organisations. We have more than ten years’ experience of meeting the language needs of international organisations working in areas such as education, training, conservation, the labour market and many other areas. Our people are some of the best in the field, allowing us to reach consistently high standards.

We can help you produce high quality information, in many languages, tailored to fit your target audience. This could involve translating your newsletter into Arabic, Russian and French, editing your website, turning a key report into perfect English or writing an article on a recent conference from scratch according to your requirements. By offering all three services through a single organisation, we can take the strain of co-ordinating the work of several suppliers off your shoulders.

We understand the constraints international organisations work under and are used to fitting in with your way of working rather than expecting you to fit in with ours. As a small organisation of people used to working to tight deadlines and always going the extra mile, we can offer you a personal service that will boost the impact of your activities and showcase your expertise in the best possible light.



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ice – writers, editors and translators for international organisations